Integrated Institute of Education and Technology (IIET) is awarded by IAO’s full accreditation: , ISO 9001:2000 certified by AQSR – ANAB – BSi : Accredited No.26092005 by Member of IAF for QMS, USA. Category 37 Certificates No. 5514, ISO 9001-2008 Certificate/License No. FS 583399 and Directorate Employment No: DGE-U-11011/2-EE-1, Ministry of Labor and Employment, Govt. of India.
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About Us

Integrated Institute of Education Technology

IIET is an Indian registered educational society and an International Accreditation Certified Education and Training Network Center selflessly working for the poor people through a series of various educational, awareness and training programs and pioneer in the field from the past 9 years with well established over 600 Training Network Centers in India.
IIET was formed by a group of professionally qualified Social Workers from reputed institutions, educated locals having real interest and commitment to serve the people of different religions, languages and especially the locals who are in need.
IIET have been conducting Computer Software & Hardware courses, Hotel Tourism Management Courses, Vocational Courses for Women, Teaching Skill Development Courses, Beauty and Health Care Courses, Foreign Language courses and undertaking Government & Corporate training programs and projects.
IIET is committed to impart quality education and technology in wide range of increasingly popular courses. IIET offering different delivery options are correspondence, Internet, Video, CDROM, and excellent Classroom Based Courses at several locations across India.
IIET Training Network Centers spread in various States. The centers are guided and provided quality and need-based education and training to the youth.
IIET has entered into alliance with eminent organizations in India & abroad and undertaking Government and corporate training programs.
IIET students are well settled in self-employment, majority of the students is in key position serving the industry and has gained good reputation and since grown in to a big training network with above 2000 devoted members working under common banner.

President Welcome note 

I am very pleased to have an opportunity to welcome you to the Education and Technology Programs offered by the IIET. It is through Correspondence, Internet, Video, CDROM, and excellent Classroom Based Courses that IIET fulfills its mandate to meet the expectations of life-long learning. Students will have the opportunity to participate in regular and unique courses through variety of educational technologies in all IIET Training Network.

IIET aim to provide internationally recognized education and technology courses, which are designed to produce qualified executives, and professionals, who can meet the challenge of international competition achieve in educational success.

IIET is strongly committed to the principle of education technology programs of study are designed keeping in view the requirement of the global market and I believe that IIET can play part in helping to shape your career in the right direction.

The primary focus of IIET is to benefit the student and to help students reach their educational objective in the shortest time frame allowable and at a reasonable cost. This Prospectus is more than a guide of your life. It is an invitation to you to rise in the world to get out of the rut. It is an opportunity to fit you for the privilege and rewards that follow upon knowledge and ability.

I invite you to join the IIET, with its experience and tradition, and also share our commitment of life-long learning. Take the decision to enroll for the course of your choice.

Wish you success in this Course pursuit and also your career.


·         Mainly, focus its attention on rural areas for unemployed rural youth 

·         To provide placement to all candidates after the training program

·         To support industry and business through on consultancy

·         To carry out research and development in education

·         To extend fee concession to rural people

·         To provide standard education and training to all students

·         To train youth in skill work where there is potentiality for employment

·         Economically self-reliant in their standard of living

·         Economic Development of Rural people

·         The IIET’s aim is to improve its student’s capability to manage in a shortest time frame. This means giving them the concepts, tools and knowledge to analyze the complex problems they will face as a manager. It involves developing their judgment about situations and about people. It also implies helping them improve their personal skill

Quality Policy

We at Integrated Institute of Education Technology committed to provide the highest quality services to our customers to satisfy their needs and expectations of quality, reliability. We ensure this through:

      • To provide quality education and training to unemployed youth
      • To empower youth towards being socially
      • Customized for Career Opportunities
      • Global Outlook
      • Integrated learning approach
      • Latest in knowledge
      • Comprehensive course material
      • Value for Time and Money





      • The excellent education and training programs offered by iiet
      • Highest Quality Low Prices Fast Delivery and Giving the Maximum Value for Money
      • Trained & Experienced Faculty with Course Material in Hindi & English
      • Unlimited Practical Facility at Computer Labs and Compulsory field Training for every student
      • IIET give a chance to their knowledge further and sharpen the skills by being a part of any foreign Institution/company.
      • The certificates awarded by iiet to the students on completion of the education and training programs will make them eligible to apply to any Institution/company/abroad
      • IIET placement cell gives assistant-ship and guidance in obtaining employment opportunities in private sectors.
      • Iiet past students are enjoying various positions in various fields of their choice in and around the country.
      • IIET provides Online and Third-party STUDENT verification as well as stamping guidance.


1. IIET offers its own Courses in various areas of Entrepreneurship Development and all its programs are meant for Value Addition.

2. IIET issues its own Certificates/Diploma/Awards after completion of the course of study at net work centers under ISO 9001-2000 and does not award any Degree.

3. IIET is not a University and it is not approved by UGC/AICTE/AIU/DEC Act.

4. IIET courses are aimed for value addition and use full to become entrepreneurs and also to improve employability in private sector organizations.

5. IIET is a legal Institution under the provisions of the Constitution of India.

6. IIET is an Independent, un-aided, private educational institution having the right to impart education and conduct its own examinations.

7. IIET Examination Certificates will be awarded to the students on the successful completion of the courses or on passing the final examinations.

8. IIET does not guarantee higher studies and employment on the strength of Certificate awarded

9. Certificates awarded by IIET do not come under the purview of UGC or other Acts and they neither depict nor declare equivalent to Certificates.

10. IIET reserves its right to alter, modify, delete any of the terms & conditions including Fee Structure, Examination procedure etc., Etc.,

11. IIET reserves the right to drop any Training Program on account of administrative and other constraints or due to non availability of required strength of students.

12. If the Student is dropped in the middle of the Program etc., fees paid by the students will not be refunded.

13. Student enrolls in a Program; it will be by student own will and wish.

14. Student shall enroll in a Program only after inquiring about the value of the Program and the Certificate.

15. The students, who are concerned about the statutory recognition, need not apply for the Program.

16. All disputes relating to admission, study, examination, issue of results, marks statement Certificates and etc etc are governed by Civil Laws and Civil Courts only subject to Hyderabad Jurisdiction