Integrated Institute of Education Technology is an Indian Registered Educational Society and ISO Accredited No. 26092005 by Member of IAF for QMS,


  To :


1. IIET offers its own Courses in various areas of Entrepreneurship Development and all its programs are meant for Value Addition.
2. IIET issues its own Awards/Diploma/Awards after completion of the course of study at net work canters under IAO & ISO and does not award any Degree.
3. IIET is not a University and it is not approved by UGC/AIC AICTE/AIU/DEC Act.
4. IIET courses are aimed for value addition and use full to become entrepreneurs and also to improve employability in private sector organizations.
5. IIET is a legal Institution under the provisions of the Constitution of India.
6. IIET is an Independent, un-aided, private educational institution having the right to impart education and conduct its own examinations.
7. IIET Examination Awards will be awarded to the students on the successful completion of the courses or on passing the fin final examinations.
8. IIET does not guarantee higher studies and employment on the strength of Certificate awarded.
9. Certificates awarded by IIET do not come under the purview of UGC or other Acts and they neither depict nor declare equivalent to Certificates.
10. IIET reserves its right to alter, modify, delete any of the terms & conditions including Fee Structure, Examination procedure etc., Etc.,
11. IIET reserves the right to drop any Training Program on account of administrative and other cons constraints or due to non availability of required strength of students.
12. If the Student is dropped in the middle of the Program etc., fees paid by the students will not be refunded.
13. Student enrols in a Program; it will be by student own will and wish.
14. Student shall enrol in a Program only after inquiring about the value of the Program and the Award.
15. The students, who are concerned about the statutory recognition, need not apply for the Program.
16. All disputes relating to admission, study, examination, issue of results, marks statement Awards and etc are governed by Civil Laws and Civil Courts only subject to Hyderabad Jurisdiction.


I, hereby declare that, I have been 2 years work experience in the same field of the training program with have 10th equivalent certificate from Government board. I have read your rules and regulations after understanding the same; then and I voluntarily desired to be admitted in the training program for value added knowledge without any force. I successfully completed the training program, study and examine with your study support, method of learning. I submitted the assignments and answer sheets. I am requesting you to issue Award of certificate. I further here by undertake to abide by the rules & regulations of the Centre. Hence this is my declaration.


I certify that, the information given above is true. I do here by declare that I have read and understood the above stated rules & regulations and after understanding the same, I voluntarily desire to be admitted in this Course. I further here by undertake to abide by the rules & regulations of the centre. Hence this is my declaration.