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Good News to Training Centres

Good News to Training Centres!!

Get London Academy (UK) Certificates to your Students


Join UK based

London AcademyCertifications and Examination Board(Network of Accredited training Provider)


Get advantages ofInternational Brand

Get Extra Income bycertification


Studentsand Training Providers get following benefits

Benefitsto Training Providers


1.       Increases your brand name

2.       Increases studentregistration

3.       Extra income bycertification

4.       International branding

5.       External Quality Assuranceincreases acceptability of your training


Benefit tostudent


1.       Increased JOB scope

2.       More Salary

3.       Attainsbetter professional skills

4.       Certification frominternational body

5.       Recognition of Certificatein corporate world

6.       Increased confidence.


If you are interested ingetting accreditation, please reply to this email or contact us on belowmentioned contact details.


Kindly advise us suitable date andtime of your visit.


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