Integrated Institute of Education Technology is an Indian Registered Educational Society and ISO Accredited No. 26092005 by Member of IAF for QMS,

Work Shops/Seminars/Job Melas



IIET has organized workshops at different levels .The mainobjective of the workshop to promote computer education among all incomegroups, particular unprivileged children who do not have access to sucheducation. And the main motto of these workshops is to make aware students whatis practically adopted by industry. IIET organized workshops at district levelsand even in far interior places where there is a very difficult approach toreach the student community because of illiteracy.



IIET organized various career counseling session every year. Themain aim of career counseling session will provide counseling for variousemerging career opportunities to school students. These counseling sessionswill also provide an opportunity for the students to explore various new careeroptions other than the prevailing career tracks. In today’s dynamic world whichis equipped with new technologies and global dimensions, career opportunitieshave opened up immensely in different fields

IIET has undertaken this responsibility ofproviding career counseling to our young generation so that they can choosebest career option for their golden future; this step would not only help ourchildren, but also support the country at large. Through this activity our ideais to expose teens to the new career world which is full of opportunity