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Certificate in Tailoring and Dress Making

Objective of the course

To impart necessary knowledge & skill to the trainees in the trade so that they are able to seek

self-employment or employment as skilled worker in the area of patterns making, machine operation

or quality control in an industrial establishment.


Candidates who have successfully undertaken a basic skill course in Tailoring & Dress making.

Course Duration : 60 days

Course Contents

Pattern making - block pattern; garment pattern; Cutting, Finishing & Stitching of garments, &

Handling of special machines & equipment used for cutting, stitching & finishing of garment;

manipulation; Quality Control,

Candidate able to

* Draft Block patterns and developed these into garment patterns.

* Handle special machines/equipment used for cutting stitching & finishing of garments

* Use economic layout techniques for cutting of cloth from patterns of garment component;

* Cut, stitch, finish garments for ladies, gents & children using different style & feature in vague

* Carry out stage inspection & final inspection & record result in standard formats.

The workshop, developed/being developed for this course, is equipped with special machines like

Industrial type sewing machine, fusing machine, Basting machine, Button & Button- Hole machine,

lock-stitch machine; cutting machines; etc.

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