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Diploma in Pre-Primary Teacher Training



Earlychildhood education is a program, which provides a stimulating play environmentfor Physical, Intellectual, Language, Social and emotional development of thechild. It prepares children for the primary and it focuses on the holisticdevelopment of the child. It lays the foundation for the development ofreading, writing and number work. It is a program which encourages interactionwith the environment, active participation in group activities and enhancescreativity and problem solving in children.



1.To train the students in organizing and management of pre-schools.

2.To impart knowledge and skills in planning implementation of pre-primaryprograms.

3.To Train the students in organizing parent education programs.

4.To Train the students to set put pre-schools under self employment schemes.



1.Planning the pre-school program.

2.Planning long term and short term preschool programs.

3.Organising and conducting developmental activities in the pre-school.

4.Preparation of teaching and educational materials.

5.Maintenance of records and registers

6.Conducting P.T.A. meetings

7.Arranging guest lecturers in relation to developmental aspects of pre-schoolchildren.



                As pre-school teachers in Govt.and private pre-primary school.

                As Balwadi, Anganwadi teachers.

                Lab attenders in Home ScienceColleges.



1.About Pre-Primary Education

2.Child Psychology and Development

3.Child Health Care

4.Pre School Administration and Management

5.Teaching Methods and Materials

6.Computerisation in Schools

7.Skills and Personality Development1.

8.Use of Tools in Education

9.Use of Charts in Education

                10. Preparation ofTools and Charts

                11. Hands on Experience inSchools

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