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Diploma in Multimedia, Graphic and Animation



Inthe business world, advertisement and publicity plays an important part inmarketing their respective products. In the service oriented sector includingeducational institutions and hospitals, huge amounts are spent in developingcatchy advertisements Computers have revolutionized this field also throughtheir versatility. Textual matter with scenes and sound is multimedia andgraphics and animation breath life in the publicity campaigns. There are opportunitiesin the job market for skilled and talented people who are proficient inMultimedia, Graphics and Animation.



  • To generate web designers
  • To generate self and wage employment


Skillsto be provided:

  • Skills in generating graphics and animation


EmploymentOpportunities :

  • Web designers in software companies, Animators Developers in Film Industries
  • Sales assistant in E-market
  • Web developers
  • Web designing centers Animation Pictures development centre.
  • Website maintaining service Photography mixing Centres.


Duration: 6 months


Module- I : Multimedia

Module- II : Graphics & Animation


PaperI : Multimedia

1.Introduction (3 Theory, 6 hrs. OJT)

2.DOS (3 Theory, 9 hrs. OJT)

3.Windows (2 Theory, 9 hrs. OJT)

4.Internet- Internet Tools (16 Theory, 48 hrs. OJT)

5.Corel Draw I (24 Theory, 72 hrs. OJT)

6.Photoshop (24 Theory, 72 hrs. OJT)


Module- II : Graphics & Animation

7.Adobe SOFTWARE (12 Theory, 24 hrs. OJT)

8.3d Max 2-D & 3-D graphics (30 Theory, 84 hrs. OJT)

9.Flash (30 Theory,84 hrs. OJT)

10. Project (24 hrs.OJT)

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