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Diploma in Desk Top Publishing (DTP)



Desk-TopPublishing otherwise known as DTP has brought revolutionary changes in thepublishing and design industry. It has given ordinary users the power toproduce professional quality documents, enables a single person to perform allthe tasks of design layout, typesetting, placements of graphic and printing thedocument. DTP software produces complex, multicolor, printer ready documentsreducing the dependency and involvement of many people. Skilled persons in DTPhave good employment opportunities in the offices, newspaper and printingindustry. Youth and women can take up DTP as job work in their leisure hours.



  • To generate data processing experts
  • To generate data entry operators
  • To generate self and wage employment


Skillsto be provided:

  • Skills in handling various operating systems
  • Skills in system maintenance and data processing maintenance
  • Processing and output designing




  • Data processing assistants in software companies
  • Data processing In-charge
  • Sales assistant in E-market
  • Information service centres
  • Establishing Data entry firms
  • Establishing DTP centres




1.Introduction (3 Theory 6 hrs. PRACTICAL)

2.DOS (3Theory, 9 hrs. PRACTICAL)

3.Windows (2 Theory, 9 hrs. PRACTICAL)

4.Ms-Office Microsoft Word (6 Theory, 18 Hrs. PRACTICAL)

5.Pagemaker (10 Theory, 30 Hrs. PRACTICAL)

6.Corel Draw (24 Theory, 72 Hrs. PRACTICAL)

7.Photoshop (20 Theory, 60 Hrs. PRACTICAL)

8. Any multilingualSoftware (4 Theory, 12 Hrs. PRACTICAL)

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