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PG Diploma in Computer Applications


In the modern world, information is power. Acquiringinformation, storing, updating, processing, sharing, distributing etc. areessentials of Information Technology. With the great speed of accessing,storing, reproducing, processing, computers have become a tool-incomparable.Computers have out -smarted all other equipment used for handling“Information”. PG Diploma in Information Technology is a one-year programintroduced by JNNYC imparts the best of all software and information handlingskills.



Todevelop professional competence in the use of computers.

Togenerate self and wage employment

Tomake aware of existing needs/ changing needs / emerging needs of the society.


Skillsto be provided:

Skillsin handling operating systems

ElectronicData processing skills

Internetbrowsing skills

Skillsin programming and Project development



Programmersin software companies


Salesassistant in E-market

Informationservice centres

EstablishingDTP centres

Softwaredevelopment & EDP centres 


ModuleI: Computer Fundamentals and Electronic Data Processing

1.Introduction to computers (4 Hours Theory)

2.Classification and overview of computers ( 4 Hrs. Theory, 6 Hrs. Practical)

3.Programming and software (8 Hrs. Theory)

4.Operating system concepts ( 8 Hrs.Theory, 24 Hrs. Practical)

5.Internet concepts (16 Hrs. Theory, 48 Hrs. Practical)

6.MS Office (32 Hrs. Theory, 138 Hrs. Practical) 

Module:II Programming Skills

1C  Language (20 Hrs. Theory, 72Hrs. Practical)

2.Object oriented features of C++ (20Hrs. Theory, 72 Hrs.Practical)

3,.Data Structures using C++ (20 Hrs. Theory, 72 Hrs. Practical)

4.Software development techniques (12 Theory) 

ModuleIII: Tools for Web Programming & Project

1.Fundamentals of VB (24Hrs. Theory, 66 Hrs. Practical)

2.RDBMS (24Hrs. Theory, 42 Hrs. Practical)

3ASP (24Hrs. Theory, 66 Hrs. Practical)

4. Project work (42 Hrs Lab)

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