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Diploma in Computer Applications


Since adecade, computers have made lasting impression on human civilization. We havecome to a stage wherein we cannot imagine living without computers. They areextensively used in every walk of life such as households, offices, business,post offices, banks, bus & train reservations, insurance companies,hospitals, and educational institutions, processing of results. 

Use ofcomputers makes a number of tasks easier and faster. Computers are helpful inimproving productivity and efficiency either at the office or at home. One neednot be computer wizard to use computer. A little zeal to excel and a littlewill power to learn new things are sufficient to become a computer literate. 

The courseof Computer Applications is aimed at developing skills in using MS Office forgeneral-purpose computer actively and skills in programming through C and C++,Further, the experience is consolidated and reinforced by way of Project workby applying the skills in developing a simple application. 


To developprofessional competence in the use of computers

To generateself and wage employment

To makeaware of existing needs / changing needs / emerging needs of the society 

Skills to beprovided:

Skills in handlingvarious operating systems

Skills inprogramming and system maintenance

Dataprocessing skills 


Programmersin software companies


Salesassistant in E-market

Informationservice centres

EstablishingDTP centres

Softwaredevelopment centres 

Syllabus : -O.S. & M.S. Office 

1.Introduction, (6 hrs OJT)

2. DOS (9hrs. OJT)

3. Windows(2 Theory 9 hours OJT)

4. Ms-Office( Theory  OJT)

5. CLanguage (20 Hrs. Theory, 72 Hrs. Practical)

6. Objectoriented features of C++ (20Hrs. Theory, 72 Hrs Practical)

7. ProjectLive project in any reputed organization (24 hrs. OJT)

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