Integrated Institute of Education Technology is an Indian Registered Educational Society and ISO Accredited No. 26092005 by Member of IAF for QMS,

One Line Services

IIET is setting up a website, in which the students will be able to take register their name from Training Network centre,will be able to download the study material and will be able to appear in an On-line examination. The student registrations and examination results along with other instructions shall be put up on website. The students are advised to look into these details from time to time.

•           Online admissions facility

•           Online Examinations facility for selective centres

•           Course Material downloads i n PDF format on line.

•           Certification Verification would be done on-line

IIET is offering some of online courses

1.         Certificate in Computer Applications

2.         Certificate in Computer Operations

3.         Certificate in Computerized Financial Accounting

4.         Certificate in Desk Top Publishing