Integrated Institute of Education Technology is an Indian Registered Educational Society and ISO Accredited No. 26092005 by Member of IAF for QMS,

Social work

Social work

Iiet conduction several educationprogram with religious, spiritual and cultural activities the centre is engagedin medical, educational, rural development activities such as feeding theschool-going poor children, helping the destitute and poor people irrespectiveof religion, caste & creed and so on.

Running free education camps innearby villages for 500 students, most of them are belonging to economicallybackward class.

Study materials and uniforms areprovided for 1000 poor students belonging to different schools & colleges. Educationalfees are given 50 poor schools & college students.

  • Food is served for about 60 poorstudents and 30 old and poor people.
  • Medical service to poor peoplethrough Homoeopathy, rice distribution to poor, old, and helpless widows inaddition to pecuniary help, cloths & tarpaulin sheets for roots duringraining season.
  • Organizing personalityDevelopment classes and Value oriented classes periodically for about 1000students and teachers respectively from nearby educational institutions.

To conduct the above mentionedactivities, the iiet social service wing doesn’t have proper buildings andsufficient funds. We solely depend on philanthropic and generous public, wellwishers and devotees. Your contribution will go a long way in the services ofthe poor brethren of our society.

Our immediate need:

  • Donation for Medicalservices/free coaching classes
  • Distribution of study materialsfor poor students
  • Feeding to the students and oldpeople
  • Office Library & Books Stall
  • Extension of Kitchen and Storeequipment