Integrated Institute of Education Technology is an Indian Registered Educational Society and ISO Accredited No. 26092005 by Member of IAF for QMS,

President’s Welcome Note

President’s Welcome Note

I am very pleased to have an opportunity to welcome you to the Education and Technology Programs offered by the IIET. It is through Correspondence, Internet, Video, CDROM, and excellent Classroom Based Courses that IIET fulfills its mandate to meet the expectations of life-long learning. Students will have the opportunity to participate in regular and unique courses through variety of educational technologies in all IIET Training Network. 

IIET aim to provide internationally recognized education and technology courses, which are designed to produce qualified executives, and professionals, who can meet the challenge of international competition achieve in educational success. 

IIET is strongly committed to the principle of education technology programs of study are designed keeping in view the requirement of the global market and I believe that IIET can play part in helping to shape your career in the right direction. 

The primary focus of IIET is to benefit the student and to help students reach their educational objective in the shortest time frame allowable and at a reasonable cost. This Prospectus is more than a guide of your life. It is an invitation to you to rise in the world to get out of the rut. It is an opportunity to fit you for the privilege and rewards that follow upon knowledge and ability. 

I invite you to join the IIET,with its experience and tradition, and also share our commitment of life-long learning. Take the decision to enroll for the course of your choice.

Wish you success in this Course pursuit and also your career.